If you met Sarah in a grocery store, you would never know what she’s going through. She’s the one with the big, bright smile and the friendly demeanor when your carts pass in the peanut butter aisle. Sarah is good at keeping up appearances in public. But in private, she’s a mess. She’s barely keeping it together, wondering what’s going to happen next. Her husband is in his 4th week of chemo treatments and it’s not going well. The stress of being so far from home, and his body’s reaction to the drugs are taking their toll. Some days, he wants to quit, and that scares her. What would she do without him? They are best friends, soul mates. They have clung to each other through many tough times in their marriage, but this one is different. This time, it’s testing every ounce of faith they have.

But they have faith, and they are not alone. The one thing that will see them through the “non-medical” portion of their journey is their spiritual strength. The other is a spiritual place called Beacon House.

Every individual or family who comes to Beacon House is important. They each have a name and a story. In almost every overnight stay, there is someone who needs to hear that there is hope, and they are loved. They need to reminded that someone or something bigger than us is in control, and they can let go of the wheel for a while.

At Beacon House, we are called to comfort those in our care when they are suffering. Sometimes, we even use words.

Beacon house is a very special place this is so much more than a place to sleep. It’s a place where the “kindness of strangers” can transform a frightening medical situation into a sense of calm and control.

If you, or someone you love, has ever been far from home in a medical emergency, you will understand why we need the new Beacon House next to the new hospital. And if you are able, we hope that you’ll help us by making a pledge to help us build it soon. If we can reach our goal by December 31st, we will break ground in the spring and be open by next Christmas. You can make a life-changing difference for people in your own community with your gift, and help us to name a very special guest room the “Bishop Baraga Room.” A list of donors will be prominently displayed along with the story of Bishop Baraga and his impact on the people of the Upper Peninsula.

Our guests come from every county in the U.P., and almost never know that they are the ones who are going to need us next. We are close to our goal. If your heart is saying yes to our plea, click the donation button below. If you have already helped, God bless you and thank you.