Guest Stories

Young couple with newborn baby
Handwritten note from a couple thanking the Beacon House for their hospitality during their baby's stay in the NICU
Guests with an infant.
Steve Mariucci with guests.

“I can’t express the amount of gratitude I feel today as I pack up to leave my “home” this one final time. The love and support I have received from each and every staff member is nothing short of a miracle. I was welcomed with loving arms from the moment I stepped in here and that love will be felt for a LIFETIME!”


“I will never forget your kindness. The Beacon House has been my refuge in my most trying days. God bless you all.”

-Laidy Di

“We had an amazing experience here! The staff was SO kind, caring and helpful! The kids’ room was amazing and our four kids (ages 1-6) loved it. The kitchen was great too.”


“I’m proud that I got to support the Beacon House. You are awesome!”


“They do wonders and provide food and everything you’d need in the kitchen. They make sure that you have everything you need. When you’re low income like us, these kind of places are truly a blessing. I’d like to thank the staff for working with us and making sure we had what we needed.”


“Thank heaven we have such a great place for people to stay when faced with medical challenges. And a wonderful, caring group of people working there!”


“What a blessing to stay at Beacon House while my dad was undergoing treatment for Leukemia. So grateful for your warm hospitality!”


“The Beacon House is a haven for those who are or need to be away from home during stressful times. It truly is a blessing.”