Who We Are

Who We Are

Beacon House is a private, non-profit organization with a mission to offer loving and compassionate hospitality to those seeking specialty medical care. We are governed by a Board of Directors, our operations are managed by a C.E.O. and our services are carried out by a hospitality team that have been chosen for their compassionate, caring demeanors. We are not a hospital run program nor are our operations funded by any government programs. We rely solely on donations from our guests, fundraising efforts and donors who appreciate how difficult it can be to face a medical crisis far from home.

We are known as the Mariucci Family Beacon House, but our full legal name is Hospitality House of the Upper Peninsula. Many years ago, our founding board adopted the name, “Beacon House” because of the beautiful image it summoned; a welcoming beacon of light in the storm surrounding a medical crisis.

For all the years since then we’ve welcomed in hundreds of thousands of people in their “storm” and offered our safe and affordable place to stay. Our origins stretch back to one, then two small homes across from the hospital, then the 33 room Village Inn, converted to Beacon House to support families, patients and caregivers as close to the hospital as we could be. We operated the Hospitality Rooms right in the hospital as well, and daily managed caring for those with the highest need in the location that would best suit them.

When the hospital announced their move across town, over 15 blocks away, we knew our only option was to move along with them. We spent years trying to acquire property near the new hospital, raising funds for construction and working nonstop to perfect the blueprint to build a hospitality house that would inspire hope, facilitate rest and give our guests one less worry.

Who are we? We are people from every walk of life who love our neighbors and take joy in being supportive of those who need us. We are people who have experienced personal medical crises and understand the power of listening and caring. We have seen and believe the research that shows how a patient heals faster when a loved one is nearby, encouraging recovery. We have witnessed people sleeping in their cars to be nearby, and washing up in public restrooms because no affordable lodging was available. We are people who determined this need was so great that we put our lives on hold to help build this, so our guests could preserve their dignity and thrive in our care. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we understand that there is no set schedule for a medical emergency. We operate with strict guidelines to keep our staff and guests safe, and our house immaculately clean.


We are Beacon House and we are here for you.