A Superior Remembrance: The Mike Reynolds Story

Mike Reynolds was a 22-year old who loved anything with a motor, and the faster it went, the better. His father remembers him circling the house on his mini bike, and his recent passion was his truck with a viper engine.

He measured out life in doses of happiness, placing little value on career accomplishments or sports win or losses. He had just met a wonderful girl and loved his life. His family meant everything to him, and his friendships were close and meaningful. He never failed to end his conversations with “love you.”

Mike became a part of the Beacon House family when he was airlifted to the hospital in Marquette. He’d been driving an ATV with his best friend, Patryk in the northern U.P., and lost control. While Mike was in the ICU and the Neurosurgical and Respiratory specialists fought to save his life, his family rushed to Marquette from their home near Chicago.

The Beacon House Hospitality Rooms provided them with a place to sleep and shower, and as the ordeal continued the other families who also had loved ones in the hospital became a small community with the Reynolds family. Mike’s family was hesitant to leave his side. Proximity mattered with his life and death scenario, and every moment was a precious ticking of the clock.

Mike arrived at the hospital on June 26th, and passed away in July of 2018.

He left many gifts in his wake, including the donation of his organs to give others life. His family reflected on the lesson they learned from how Mike lived his life, joyfully sharing his other with others and decided to leave a legacy of love to the U.P. community with a memorial gift to help build the new Beacon House next to the new hospital.

“The high level of care combined with the incredible kindness of the staff was unbelievable,” Tom and Kelly Reynolds tell us. “After more than three weeks in ICU, the hospital staff felt like our family. They would come to the hospital on their days off, and check on Mike. They’d visit us, some with their families, and bring us goodies and words of encouragement.”

Because of the kindness and care the Reynolds family experienced, they have provided $150,000 in donations and memorial gifts towards the Legacy of Love Capital Campaign in Mike’s memory. To celebrate Mike’s love for the beauty of the outdoors, the deck of the new Steve Mariucci Family Beacon House overlooking Lake Superior will be called the “Mike Reynolds Superior Deck.” To honor those who cared for their son, a Family Suite will be named in the honor of the ICU, Respiratory Staff and Neurological Surgery Team.

Mike’s Parents reflected on their gift, saying, “Mike was a persistent teacher, and we thank God that Mike, through his actions, taught us that life is simply measured in happiness. We want to help other families have the opportunity to stay at the Beacon House, and will find a measure of happiness in knowing we are helping others through our loss.”


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“Mike taught us that life should be measured in happiness”